Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Monday 2010

One of my favourite trees at Bayfront Park. I just love that place.
Mohammad - same spot

A view of the place where some people go swimming
Another of my my favourite trees!

What a delightful afternoon my friend Mohammad and I spent at Bayfront Park. The weather was heavenly, not cold, not too warm.

We took the Bayfront No. 4 bus and the driver was kind enough to tell us where to get off in order to get to that section. There were many people in the park but it was not crowded. I didn't see any people with picnic baskets as is normal in the summer months but folk were walking, riding their bikes, and pushing baby carriages.
There were dogs aplenty waddling, sniffing, doing what they normally do outside and in general, just walking their humans! I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Mohammad likes dogs.
Skateboards were zooming along the paved walkways and joggers were jogging. As befitted our age, we were doing none of that, joke, joke......
Some trees were beginning to bud and the swans were out on the Bay. We sat at one of the far ends of the point and spent hours just gabbing. I learned more about him today than I have learned in all the months we have gone places together.

He is a very respectful gentleman and very considerate of when I need to sit and rest. In short, we can be great pals. We talked about so many deep subjects as well as lighter ones.

Before heading back to downtown, he invited me to Hutch's and we sat outside on their veranda and enjoyed its ambience. We missed the number 4 bus so we took a taxi back to my place where we parted.
We both have been invited to Andrew and Rahel's wedding on Saturday so he will pick me up at my place.
All in all, a wonderful Easter weekend!


Anonymous said...

far from eye, far from heart. ....................................................

annaken said...

Thank you for your comment. Which country are you writing from?