Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sleepless night here in Hamilton, Ontario

Alas, in spite of being tired, I could not sleep. This seems to happen every time there is a change in the weather.

As I peek out the window (3 a.m.), I see fog and wet streets. Can hardly see down the street.

Since it is cheaper to wash from 12 midnight to 7 a.m. now in Ontario, I put in a load of washing. Sure hope my neighbour downstairs doesn't hear it but I doubt that he will as it is in the sitting room area.

Otherwise, I have to wait till 5 p.m. for the mid-peak time to wash. That is a little more expensive but still not as expensive as the peak time.

I had a lovely chat via the internet with my friend Carol. She was up too and could not sleep.

She is coming to Gilda's art exhibit as well on Sunday so it will be good to see her again.

She is a lovely person.

The next two weekends will be very busy for me. Still am sorting out and washing my winter clothing to put it away for the warmer season and have piles of clean summer clothes to iron.

I love the four seasons here in Canada, but you need far more clothes than you would if it were just one or two seasons.

Oh well, once it's done, I shall be glad and won't have to think about a seasonal change of clothing until about October, depending on the weather.

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