Friday, April 2, 2010

A gorgeous weekend coming up

I plan to be outside as much as I can be and preferably by the water!

It is supposed to be summer like temperatures which is hard to believe so early in April!

I wish everybody a HAPPY EASTER if you celebrate it, if not, a peaceful and fulfilling weekend!

Here I am again. I sat in the Whitehern Gardens for several hours and read my book. It was heavenly to listen to the birds, see the squirrels and see the little flowers poking their heads up so bravely.

My young friend David happened to come by so we had a chat which was lovely. There also was a bus driver who was having his lunch break, and he came in to enjoy the lovely weather and the garden. I told him about the Wednesday concerts in the summer which he had not known about.

All in all, a beautiful day today for me!

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