Saturday, April 24, 2010

Today was the Cross Polination Day in Oakville

There was only Norm and I who went from Hamilton. The Brick Publishing people came to speak on publishing poetry in general. It was very interesting.

It was a very small group this time who came out, even from the Oakville Poets. I wonder if it was because this year they charged $8.00 for the day?

Norm went to buy his sandwich and coffee and I had brought mine so we found a little sheltered place and sat at the only picnic table and had a lovely chat. The hour and a half passed very fast

Norm took the afternoon session and we broke up about 4.

At the gathering, I met a very nice young fellow who had his novel printed by Lulu. He had designed the cover himself and the print looked fine. All that was lacking was an ISBN number. He told me that would have cost more to have the ISBN number with Lulu. I must say the book looked fine and it only cost him $10.00 to print one copy plus shipping and handling. The more copies you have printed, the less it costs apparently. He said that you can even go back and correct any errors even after it has been printed and reprint the amended copy.

That was very interesting to me.

Norm drove back via the Lakeshore Drive for quite awhile so I could see all the grand houses. There sure must be a lot of money in Oakville, Bronte as well as in Burlington, that is all I can say!

All in all, a good day but I am glad to be home as I am very tired.


嘉容嘉容 said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE ........................................

annaken said...


Thanks for making a comment. Where are you in this wide world? I think you are perhaps writing from China or an Arabic speaking country. Just curious, that is all.