Thursday, April 29, 2010

Went for a fabulous walk today

After I went shopping at the Farmer's Market, I decided to walk up to my possible new area for next year. I sat on the benches at the apartment where I plan to move to, talked to people who live there and asked them what they thought of the building. I already knew about that building from 4 other people who had lived there but wanted current information.

I always find that is the best way to find out about a place, ask the residents!

After that, I went and sat in the little parkette. The Lillac bushes are in bloom and the birds were chirping - I was one happy camper! They have added more benches to the site which makes it a wonderful spot to read in.

I always carry my book with me in my walker just in case I need to rest and I plan to go many times up there to get more used to the area. Two years ago, I sat there almost every day and read.

I also joined a senior's club near there which I used to belong to, as they have nice dinners for $6.00 and go on some pretty great little trips for about $15.00.

I really enjoyed walking around that area. I was able to walk from the market in Jackson's Square up the incline with one stop in between. Going home from there was a breeze, I walked down Hunter past the back of the City Hall and turned onto McNabb and went in our back door. A real piece of cake!

The No. 8, 4 and 7 buses go right to the corner where I would live.

I can still get to the Library and the Farmer's Market, St. Paul's but it would be much more difficult to get to St. John's. As for the mountain buses, they will be in the new location by that time I should imagine, so I still can take them up to see my foot doctor and my friends. It would be more difficult than before though, but able to be done.

All in all, a very fruitful and lovely time this afternoon.

Tomorrow a friend of mine is coming for a little visit so that will be nice.


april said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I see you enjoy writing and nature. You know, my poetry teacher, who retired several years ago, just had her 99th birthday. She is such an inspiration. I will continue to check in on what you're doing.

annaken said...

Dear April,

Thank you for dropping by. If you are interested in seeing some nature pictures, I started writing about where I live (Hamilton, Ontario). It was at the beginning of the blog which might be about two years ago. Hamilton has some very pretty places to see. Drop in again when you have the time!