Monday, April 5, 2010

Must start my baking soon for the party

A male friend of mine said to me yesterday that he would like me to show him how to bake a cake.

That brought to mind a situation years ago with some Turkish friends. These two young men invited myself and a couple to dinner and they had made a cake along with other food, of course.

One of the young men described their first attempt at making a cake as a scientific experiment. Following a recipe is basically the same as doing a scientific experiment!

I had never thought of baking in that respect before, but, of course, he is right! One measures out ingredients carefully, mixes them thoroughly and then puts them into the oven and voila, after a certain time, in the case of a cake, a lovely item to munch on!

I have agreed to show him how so since he is off today, we may do it today.

He also has offered me space in his frig for when I start to bake for the party.

In an off hand way yesterday, this same friend said that he cannot understand why I don't cook for myself, as my food at the party before was delicious!

I had a laugh inwardly about that. I once had a baking business when the children were small and I made a little extra money this way by selling home made goodies at coffee break.

People used to come to me and ask me what I had made the night before.

As for the upcoming party, I am now seriously planning the menu. I may make my wonderful banana bread with the secret ingredient!

My jewellery work is almost finished now and after the wedding next Saturday, I will be baking like mad for the whole week!

I won't have to make so much food this time as I have invited less people.

It should be a fun day and I hope that people will enjoy themselves.

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