Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The boys at home April 21,2010

Boots, with Shona's lovely purse!
Tiger, with friend

Tiger, figuring out if this sock doll is friend or foe!

Boots and Sockman

The two amigos!

Love at first sight!

Will you be mine?

Boots and Sockman, his good friend

Snuggling together.

The King of the castle!


princess-anna said...

These are all very good pictures of Boots and Tiger. I love the sock dolls. I would love to make some sock dolls. May be There is a way to make them from instructions on the internet.

annaken said...

You know, Princess Anna, I do not know. A friend gave me that sock doll years and years ago and I have cherished it all that time.

Hope you find a pattern to do it.