Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday - getting closer and closer to the party day

I have been cooking up a storm and have my menu all planned out. It should be great!

I don't think I will have another party though as it is very expensive to buy the food for the party and then make it! I also have to rent the room for $30.00 plus give a deposit of a $300 cheque if anything get damaged.

I may go into house parties - it would be a lot easier on me but then I would not be able to showcase my friend's wonderful poetry and short stories. I do the larger parties partly because of that.

If I move, I definitely will not have parties like this anymore.

In Toronto, I used to have parties quite frequently and always I held them at home. There I had a very spacious two bedroom apartment with a long balcony. We used to play party games and dance as well. Sometimes they would be potluck, sometimes I would provide it all.

I had forty people one time in a party and somehow we managed and had a good time!

I do love a party though and always manage to have fun!

One of the problems for this particular location where I live, is the parking as it is right downtown. There are many advantages of living downtown for a person like me who has never driven but it is a disadvantage for drivers who have to find a parking spot in order to visit here.

I hope everybody is in a party mood! So far today I have had three cancellations which is too bad as I already have prepared a lot of the food.

I may go out for a walk now as my bread is rising to make the coffee cake.

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