Monday, April 26, 2010

An episode with wind and traffic

I had to go over to the mall today where I found a good strong storage bin for $7.99 which will help me organize things at home better. I put it on my walker thinking it sould be fine as I put the other small purchases in it, but I did not realize how the wind had picked up since I entered the mall!

At James and Main, everything went flying. Bin one way, across to near the pizza place, lid, near Gore Park and my two small parcels into the traffic lane right near me.

I was lucky that the traffic was stopped and I could quickly pick up the two items. However, the bin and lid were beyond my reach. Two wonderful people, both young, male and female, grabbed the bin and the other went for the lid and one of them brought it over to me and helped me wedge it into my walker and load it down better. Bless them for helping me!

I think that is enough excitement for today!

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