Saturday, April 10, 2010

Andrew and Rahel's wedding Day April 10,2010

A nice family shot.
A very stately dance!

Ethiopian dancing.

Handing out gifts for the guests which are hand crafted by members of Andrew's family. Crosses made of beautiful wood from his cottage area.

Cutting the wedding cake

The married couple arriving at the Reception Hall at the Yacht Club

Andrew's Mom and Dad

Walking back down the isle as man and wife.

Signing the register after the ceremony.

I particularly liked this window.
Inside James Street Baptist Church, Hamilton, Ontario
The weather was brisk but sunny and stayed that way all day long. I left my home at 11:30 in order to have lots of time to settle in at the James Street Baptist church. The ceremony was to begin at 12 noon. I waited for a friend, but as it turned out, the friend was waiting at home for me to call so a miscommunication was had on both sides. As a result, my friend missed the wedding.

Andrew and Rahel had a beautiful wedding, Andrew planned the ceremony very well and all parts of it very meaningful. In fact, I had a glimmer of tears in my eyes at some points of the ceremony.

I took some pictures at the church and many more at the reception. It was a delight to finally meet Andrew's parents. They were a lovely couple and very friendly. Andrew had placed me at the table with Chris and his wife (the musician), the Minister who performed the ceremony and some of his relatives from afar.

They were all very friendly and I enjoyed my time with them. Before the ceremony, I sat with a delightful couple from London, Ontario. The gentleman was trained as Baptist minister but switched to become a Presbyterian minister. His wife was very, very nice. They were both originally from Trinidad. I have three very close friends from Trinidad who live in Toronto.

What a very pleasant ceremony it was. I went home for a few minutes and then took a taxi down to the yacht club. It cost over $12.00 to get there from here so I was very glad to get a ride back!

The yacht club is a wonderful venue to hold a wedding in. I enjoyed the ambiance as well as the view of the water. The waiters were very pleasant and very efficient as well.

We had so much food and all of it very delicious and well cooked. I particularly liked the chicken cordon bleu. There was also beef in a sauce but I could not eat so much so I passed on it. For desert, we had a lovely ice cream with fruit in it and wedding cake and coffee.

They put on Ethiopian music and things livened up. It was great. I took lots of pictures of them dancing. It reminded me of the time I went to an Errethian wedding on a boat in Toronto harbour. They also had a similar type of dance and they had some drums as well. My feet were itching to dance!

It was a smashing wedding and one to be remembered. I wish the young couple all the best and I was so pleased to be invited.

Only one cloud on this day, I have offended a friend. I am sorry for that.

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