Monday, April 19, 2010

My jewellery party April 18,2010

Downstairs in the party room before the guests came.
Some of my designs

Swarovski earrings and also Czech firepolish beaded bracelets.

My friend Mary, positing with two of the items she purchased.

I hope everybody had a nice time at my little party. They seemed to. I did not invite so many people this time and opened the party up to my building here.

I was happy to see that Kathy and Anthony dropped in. Kathy purchased one of my lovely Czech firepolish bracelets and she was very happy with it. In fact, she wore it to her father-in-law's birthday party that same afternoon!

Of course Andrew and Rahel came as well from the building. They seem so happy together - marriage seems to be agreeable to both of them.

Three people came from St. Paul's; Gayle, Carmen and Wally. Of course, they had to come after the big meeting and the voting for a new minister. Carmen was not feeling very well at all, so they only stayed for a little while. I had not invited anybody from St. John's this time, as I don't want to burden anybody with feeling they have to come.

There were eleven people there and they all got along very well which was nice. The entertainment (talent show) was just Monique and I. Being the guest, I invited Monique to read first and she really got into her stories and became very animated when she read. She also read a story from another author in her Perspectives Magazine. My hope is that it will give her more readers and purchasers for her magazine.

As Stella was supposed to be there as well, but due to ill health she could not come, I read her bio out as some of the people there know her.

I was not able to reach either Carmelita or Ed, so I assume that they went to Quebec earlier than planned. It would have been so nice to have seen Carmelita do the Hawaiian dancing but it was not to be I guess. I had also asked a musician whom I know to perform, but he had a church meeting to go to that afternoon. He is a very lovely man and I like his wife as well, so perhaps I will invite them and their children for coffee one day. I met them at Andrew's wedding and really liked them.

Ah how sweet, I just got a call from Anita and she enjoyed the party and liked the earrings she purchased from me. She is a bundle of laughs and I always enjoy her company.

I had prepared too much food (as usual) but better to have too much than too little! I was able to share some of it with the ones who helped me clean up. I also can freeze some of it for future eating for me!

Nothing will be wasted!

Mary and I visited until about 7:30 and caught up on all the news. It was so great to see her. We go back a long, long way. I met her when I first moved to Toronto when Ken was 8 months old. He will be 37 in July, so as you can see, we go back a very long way! It is an amazing thing that in all those years we have never had a disagreement or a falling out.

What a blessing to have such a friend as her.

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princess-anna said...

Hi mom that is wonderful that you and everyone had a great time at the party.
I would love to come to one of your parties as they would be lots of fun

I shall look forward to seeing you soon in May