Monday, April 12, 2010

Another busy day

The wonderful artist. "She has exhibited her work in Canada, Ireland, U.K. and the U.S. since 2000. Currently this gorgeous work can be seen at the workers Arts and Heritage Centre, 51 Stuart Street, Hamilton, Ontario 905-522-3003. Chinese Fever is an installation made up of gold paper-cutouts that...take over the gallery walls. Inspired by hand-painted export Chinese wallpaper, which was popular throughout Eyrope and North America in the 1700's. "

This is absolutely smashing when you see it in person.

The two Jennifers and myself went in the afternoon to hear three readers of the Grit Lit festival on Sunday afternoon. It was very nice but I found that perhaps the sounds could have been a little louder.

They had refreshments after the event which was very nice indeed. I particularly liked the third lady as she introduced her story and gave some background.

We three went down to Bayfront Park for a nice walk and then went to James' open house to show his deceased wife Gilda's work. She did lovely art work and it was very attractively displayed on the walls at ArtWord/ArtBar. Gilda, was also a freelance editor and she and her husband James used to have a publishing company. Shona, my dear little pal, is their daughter. Several of us stayed for supper and some went on to attend Grit Live afterwards but I was tired so I went home.

I took some pictures of the Chinese art work and it is displayed above. I found it absolutely breathtaking!

Today is turning out to be a lovely day as well. My shopper lady wants to come to my jewellery party on Sunday so I will print her out an invitation so she will have the party room buzz code.

She will bring my groceries tomorrow afternoon and then I will start to make the food for the party! Thankfully I will not need to make so much this time as there only are about 25 or 26 people coming instead of 50 like last time. That was just too much for me. I did have fun that time in spite of all the work. Happily, I am an organized person.

All in all, a nice afternoon yesterday and the day is shaping up very well today. Am making my banana bread today with my secret ingredient!

I do love a party!!!!

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