Friday, April 30, 2010

A fun day

My friend came for lunch and to place an order for a necklace and clip on earrings. We had great fun going through all the beads to see which ones she wants.

She chose a black and multi-faceted black Czech Firepolish beads in 8mm size. It should look smashing once I get it all done. She also brought some of her outfits so that we could base the colours on what she wears. We are both satisfied with the choice she made and I will start the work in a day or so. A while back, I redesigned a lovely Elephant necklace for her so we took some photos of it too which you can see on my jewellery blog.

We also had a great time staging some of my previous designs for my jewelry blog and my Facebook Jewelry page. I have uploaded the photos onto the blog at Become a fan if you would like to on either the Facebook page or the blogspot.

She had some creative ideas to showcase the work.

All in all, we had a lovely time together. I do love to entertain friends!

Facebook Seville's Handcrafted Jewelry

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Went for a fabulous walk today

After I went shopping at the Farmer's Market, I decided to walk up to my possible new area for next year. I sat on the benches at the apartment where I plan to move to, talked to people who live there and asked them what they thought of the building. I already knew about that building from 4 other people who had lived there but wanted current information.

I always find that is the best way to find out about a place, ask the residents!

After that, I went and sat in the little parkette. The Lillac bushes are in bloom and the birds were chirping - I was one happy camper! They have added more benches to the site which makes it a wonderful spot to read in.

I always carry my book with me in my walker just in case I need to rest and I plan to go many times up there to get more used to the area. Two years ago, I sat there almost every day and read.

I also joined a senior's club near there which I used to belong to, as they have nice dinners for $6.00 and go on some pretty great little trips for about $15.00.

I really enjoyed walking around that area. I was able to walk from the market in Jackson's Square up the incline with one stop in between. Going home from there was a breeze, I walked down Hunter past the back of the City Hall and turned onto McNabb and went in our back door. A real piece of cake!

The No. 8, 4 and 7 buses go right to the corner where I would live.

I can still get to the Library and the Farmer's Market, St. Paul's but it would be much more difficult to get to St. John's. As for the mountain buses, they will be in the new location by that time I should imagine, so I still can take them up to see my foot doctor and my friends. It would be more difficult than before though, but able to be done.

All in all, a very fruitful and lovely time this afternoon.

Tomorrow a friend of mine is coming for a little visit so that will be nice.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Ah, the guys in my room. Boots on the left and Tiger on the right. The friendly looking bear was bought at the Cactus Festival for $1.00.
Tiger, my orange cat posing with my handcrocheted blanket that I made when the children were small.

Boots, the most mischievious one!

Today I thought I would write about my two live-in companions. Without them, I think I would be quite lonely.

Boots is getting on in years, he was about 3 when my son and I adopted him from York Pound in Toronto. Within a day or so, he became deathly ill with some respiratory illness. As I had no extra money to spend on a vet, I asked my doctor friend in Malaysia for advice and a cat lady friend in Saskatchewan.

With the wise advise of these two dear friends, and twenty four hour nursing care by me, Boots somehow managed to pull through. I have never seen such a sick cat in my long life.

He has lived with me now over 10 years and still remains a lively old fellow. He has a habit of
trying to dart into my room when he sees me getting ready for bed. He hides under my bed where I cannot reach him. If I forget he's there, in the middle of the night he comes up on the bed and snuggles next to my head.

It becomes quite a challenge each night to see who can win. He is generally faster than I am, so I have to search for him to toss him out!

Some nights he wins, some nights I do!

Tiger came to live with me in quite another fashion. I had agreed to babysit him for a weekend when a young friend went away to camp. When the young person returned, he continued to delay in picking him up and time passed. I had three cats (including the babysat cat) but they all got along very well.

When my beloved Hibou (a French name for owl) died in a flood here in the apartment, I told the young friend that Tiger would be living with me for good as he had not picked him up in more than a year! Tiger was no longer the fearful cat and is very happy and content here.

Speaking of Hibou, she was the most gentle little cat, looked bushy but it was mostly fur. When the poison in the airconditing hose seeped through, she licked her fur dry and she became deathly ill and had to be put to sleep so she would not suffer any more.

Hibou was adopted from the same pound as Boots was and at the same time.

Why am I thinking about the cats right now? I guess it is because I went to Pet Value on Wilson with my walker and picked up a big bag of cat food for them for $28.00.

I cannot lift it myself so will ask one of my neighbours to do it. I am so blessed with good neighbours on this floor.

What a small price to pay for such loyal and good companions!

Monday, April 26, 2010

An episode with wind and traffic

I had to go over to the mall today where I found a good strong storage bin for $7.99 which will help me organize things at home better. I put it on my walker thinking it sould be fine as I put the other small purchases in it, but I did not realize how the wind had picked up since I entered the mall!

At James and Main, everything went flying. Bin one way, across to near the pizza place, lid, near Gore Park and my two small parcels into the traffic lane right near me.

I was lucky that the traffic was stopped and I could quickly pick up the two items. However, the bin and lid were beyond my reach. Two wonderful people, both young, male and female, grabbed the bin and the other went for the lid and one of them brought it over to me and helped me wedge it into my walker and load it down better. Bless them for helping me!

I think that is enough excitement for today!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Today was the Cross Polination Day in Oakville

There was only Norm and I who went from Hamilton. The Brick Publishing people came to speak on publishing poetry in general. It was very interesting.

It was a very small group this time who came out, even from the Oakville Poets. I wonder if it was because this year they charged $8.00 for the day?

Norm went to buy his sandwich and coffee and I had brought mine so we found a little sheltered place and sat at the only picnic table and had a lovely chat. The hour and a half passed very fast

Norm took the afternoon session and we broke up about 4.

At the gathering, I met a very nice young fellow who had his novel printed by Lulu. He had designed the cover himself and the print looked fine. All that was lacking was an ISBN number. He told me that would have cost more to have the ISBN number with Lulu. I must say the book looked fine and it only cost him $10.00 to print one copy plus shipping and handling. The more copies you have printed, the less it costs apparently. He said that you can even go back and correct any errors even after it has been printed and reprint the amended copy.

That was very interesting to me.

Norm drove back via the Lakeshore Drive for quite awhile so I could see all the grand houses. There sure must be a lot of money in Oakville, Bronte as well as in Burlington, that is all I can say!

All in all, a good day but I am glad to be home as I am very tired.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sat outside again this afternoon

It is so nice to get out of the apartment and take my chair, coffee and book downstairs and spend time people watching who pass by on the street, drinking my coffee from my red thermos cup and reading the super book!

It was a tad chilly today as there is no sun getting to the garage area. Mind you, an idea has just hit me, I could always take myself up to the roof and sit there. Not in the summer, it would be too hot but I would have enough sun now to do that.

There is an absolutely terrific view from the roof.

I am still working on the little room but will have to stop pretty soon to prepare for tomorrow's Oakville visit. I like Oakville but it is very expensive to live there.

I am glad to see the sun once again today!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A more chilly day to sit outside but still nice

I decided to forget about continuing working on my little room, and take my lawn chair outside with a nice cup of coffee and a book and sit in the back area.

Some of the work crew were eating their lunches there. This poor old building needs a lot of repairs on it and so while the weather is fine, it needs to be done.

I am reading a wonderfully written fictional book on Iraq called "The Siren of Baghdad" by Yasmina Khadra. It is set in the time of the first American invasion of Iraq.

I suspect in the case of this book, it is representing actual things that have happened but portrayed by fictional characters.

I love to read and lose myself in a good book. I do most of my reading in the summer, especially when I go down to sit by the water.

Something to look forward to - reading by the water......

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The boys at home April 21,2010

Boots, with Shona's lovely purse!
Tiger, with friend

Tiger, figuring out if this sock doll is friend or foe!

Boots and Sockman

The two amigos!

Love at first sight!

Will you be mine?

Boots and Sockman, his good friend

Snuggling together.

The King of the castle!

Shona modelling my creation

My special model showing off the large loop chain with Swarovski crystals and pearls!
A close-up of the large loop Swarovski crystal and pearl necklace

Monday, April 19, 2010

My jewellery party April 18,2010

Downstairs in the party room before the guests came.
Some of my designs

Swarovski earrings and also Czech firepolish beaded bracelets.

My friend Mary, positing with two of the items she purchased.

I hope everybody had a nice time at my little party. They seemed to. I did not invite so many people this time and opened the party up to my building here.

I was happy to see that Kathy and Anthony dropped in. Kathy purchased one of my lovely Czech firepolish bracelets and she was very happy with it. In fact, she wore it to her father-in-law's birthday party that same afternoon!

Of course Andrew and Rahel came as well from the building. They seem so happy together - marriage seems to be agreeable to both of them.

Three people came from St. Paul's; Gayle, Carmen and Wally. Of course, they had to come after the big meeting and the voting for a new minister. Carmen was not feeling very well at all, so they only stayed for a little while. I had not invited anybody from St. John's this time, as I don't want to burden anybody with feeling they have to come.

There were eleven people there and they all got along very well which was nice. The entertainment (talent show) was just Monique and I. Being the guest, I invited Monique to read first and she really got into her stories and became very animated when she read. She also read a story from another author in her Perspectives Magazine. My hope is that it will give her more readers and purchasers for her magazine.

As Stella was supposed to be there as well, but due to ill health she could not come, I read her bio out as some of the people there know her.

I was not able to reach either Carmelita or Ed, so I assume that they went to Quebec earlier than planned. It would have been so nice to have seen Carmelita do the Hawaiian dancing but it was not to be I guess. I had also asked a musician whom I know to perform, but he had a church meeting to go to that afternoon. He is a very lovely man and I like his wife as well, so perhaps I will invite them and their children for coffee one day. I met them at Andrew's wedding and really liked them.

Ah how sweet, I just got a call from Anita and she enjoyed the party and liked the earrings she purchased from me. She is a bundle of laughs and I always enjoy her company.

I had prepared too much food (as usual) but better to have too much than too little! I was able to share some of it with the ones who helped me clean up. I also can freeze some of it for future eating for me!

Nothing will be wasted!

Mary and I visited until about 7:30 and caught up on all the news. It was so great to see her. We go back a long, long way. I met her when I first moved to Toronto when Ken was 8 months old. He will be 37 in July, so as you can see, we go back a very long way! It is an amazing thing that in all those years we have never had a disagreement or a falling out.

What a blessing to have such a friend as her.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I am just exhausted

Throwing a party is a huge endeavour. I realize that I am not getting any younger as what I could do when I was 40, 50 or even 60, is far less than I can do now!

Chris, our assistant superintendent and I, went into the party room today to check to see if the plugs were all working and everything is fine. The room looks lovely and they have added a very long table which only needs a tablecloth to cover it and the food can be put on it. I went out and bought a pretty plastic one and so am set for that now.

I bumped into the newlyweds today and they look happy so that makes me very happy.

I just got an e-mail from one of my poet friends and she is unwell and fears that she may not be able to come to the party. I worry about her as she has serious health issues. I am glad that she has a husband who is very attentive. It will mean one less reader but her health comes first!

I have opened up the party to my building folk so perhaps some will come. I hope so.

My friend Mary is coming from Toronto and she will be here about 12:30 and knows the way so I will not have to go and pick her up at the bus station. It has been just too long since we have seen each other!

We go back at least 35 years and have been terrific friends over the years. I am so blessed with good people in my life.

I hope the party goes well tomorrow. I think I will go to bed early tonight so that I will be refreshed tomorrow and enjoy the day!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am so happy now

My friend Mohammed called and we straightened things out and everything is fine between us.

Needless to say, that is like a weight has come off my shoulders as I hate to hurt anybody.

I have been baking all this week so far, and have two more sweet things to make. There are only about 17 people coming now. I think maybe it is not a good time to have a party now that the weather is nicer. People want to be outside.

Today I made cinnamon bread which I haven't made in years. I came across my old recipee and remembered it. Delicious, especially with butter!

We should have fun, and perhaps a smaller crowd will be nicer as people can chat with each other and get to know each other better that way.

Thursday - getting closer and closer to the party day

I have been cooking up a storm and have my menu all planned out. It should be great!

I don't think I will have another party though as it is very expensive to buy the food for the party and then make it! I also have to rent the room for $30.00 plus give a deposit of a $300 cheque if anything get damaged.

I may go into house parties - it would be a lot easier on me but then I would not be able to showcase my friend's wonderful poetry and short stories. I do the larger parties partly because of that.

If I move, I definitely will not have parties like this anymore.

In Toronto, I used to have parties quite frequently and always I held them at home. There I had a very spacious two bedroom apartment with a long balcony. We used to play party games and dance as well. Sometimes they would be potluck, sometimes I would provide it all.

I had forty people one time in a party and somehow we managed and had a good time!

I do love a party though and always manage to have fun!

One of the problems for this particular location where I live, is the parking as it is right downtown. There are many advantages of living downtown for a person like me who has never driven but it is a disadvantage for drivers who have to find a parking spot in order to visit here.

I hope everybody is in a party mood! So far today I have had three cancellations which is too bad as I already have prepared a lot of the food.

I may go out for a walk now as my bread is rising to make the coffee cake.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sleepless in Hamilton again

About 3 p.m. there was so much noise in the parking lot next to me that it woke me up and I was not able to get back to sleep. After tossing and turning, I gave up and got up!

Yesterday I made my special banana bread for the party (secret ingredient) and today, I plan to make cinnamon coffee cake. My shopping lady will be bringing my order for the party and she loves jewellery so she will be coming to the party on Sunday as well.

Things are well under control and progressing according to schedule which is good. I am glad that it will be a smaller party this time.

I am thinking of doing jewellery parties and the hostess will get a jewellery gift. This way, I won't have so much work to do in organizing things.

We'll see.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Another busy day

The wonderful artist. "She has exhibited her work in Canada, Ireland, U.K. and the U.S. since 2000. Currently this gorgeous work can be seen at the workers Arts and Heritage Centre, 51 Stuart Street, Hamilton, Ontario 905-522-3003. Chinese Fever is an installation made up of gold paper-cutouts that...take over the gallery walls. Inspired by hand-painted export Chinese wallpaper, which was popular throughout Eyrope and North America in the 1700's. "

This is absolutely smashing when you see it in person.

The two Jennifers and myself went in the afternoon to hear three readers of the Grit Lit festival on Sunday afternoon. It was very nice but I found that perhaps the sounds could have been a little louder.

They had refreshments after the event which was very nice indeed. I particularly liked the third lady as she introduced her story and gave some background.

We three went down to Bayfront Park for a nice walk and then went to James' open house to show his deceased wife Gilda's work. She did lovely art work and it was very attractively displayed on the walls at ArtWord/ArtBar. Gilda, was also a freelance editor and she and her husband James used to have a publishing company. Shona, my dear little pal, is their daughter. Several of us stayed for supper and some went on to attend Grit Live afterwards but I was tired so I went home.

I took some pictures of the Chinese art work and it is displayed above. I found it absolutely breathtaking!

Today is turning out to be a lovely day as well. My shopper lady wants to come to my jewellery party on Sunday so I will print her out an invitation so she will have the party room buzz code.

She will bring my groceries tomorrow afternoon and then I will start to make the food for the party! Thankfully I will not need to make so much this time as there only are about 25 or 26 people coming instead of 50 like last time. That was just too much for me. I did have fun that time in spite of all the work. Happily, I am an organized person.

All in all, a nice afternoon yesterday and the day is shaping up very well today. Am making my banana bread today with my secret ingredient!

I do love a party!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Andrew and Rahel's wedding Day April 10,2010

A nice family shot.
A very stately dance!

Ethiopian dancing.

Handing out gifts for the guests which are hand crafted by members of Andrew's family. Crosses made of beautiful wood from his cottage area.

Cutting the wedding cake

The married couple arriving at the Reception Hall at the Yacht Club

Andrew's Mom and Dad

Walking back down the isle as man and wife.

Signing the register after the ceremony.

I particularly liked this window.
Inside James Street Baptist Church, Hamilton, Ontario
The weather was brisk but sunny and stayed that way all day long. I left my home at 11:30 in order to have lots of time to settle in at the James Street Baptist church. The ceremony was to begin at 12 noon. I waited for a friend, but as it turned out, the friend was waiting at home for me to call so a miscommunication was had on both sides. As a result, my friend missed the wedding.

Andrew and Rahel had a beautiful wedding, Andrew planned the ceremony very well and all parts of it very meaningful. In fact, I had a glimmer of tears in my eyes at some points of the ceremony.

I took some pictures at the church and many more at the reception. It was a delight to finally meet Andrew's parents. They were a lovely couple and very friendly. Andrew had placed me at the table with Chris and his wife (the musician), the Minister who performed the ceremony and some of his relatives from afar.

They were all very friendly and I enjoyed my time with them. Before the ceremony, I sat with a delightful couple from London, Ontario. The gentleman was trained as Baptist minister but switched to become a Presbyterian minister. His wife was very, very nice. They were both originally from Trinidad. I have three very close friends from Trinidad who live in Toronto.

What a very pleasant ceremony it was. I went home for a few minutes and then took a taxi down to the yacht club. It cost over $12.00 to get there from here so I was very glad to get a ride back!

The yacht club is a wonderful venue to hold a wedding in. I enjoyed the ambiance as well as the view of the water. The waiters were very pleasant and very efficient as well.

We had so much food and all of it very delicious and well cooked. I particularly liked the chicken cordon bleu. There was also beef in a sauce but I could not eat so much so I passed on it. For desert, we had a lovely ice cream with fruit in it and wedding cake and coffee.

They put on Ethiopian music and things livened up. It was great. I took lots of pictures of them dancing. It reminded me of the time I went to an Errethian wedding on a boat in Toronto harbour. They also had a similar type of dance and they had some drums as well. My feet were itching to dance!

It was a smashing wedding and one to be remembered. I wish the young couple all the best and I was so pleased to be invited.

Only one cloud on this day, I have offended a friend. I am sorry for that.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some of my newest jewellery designs

Gold plated chain with long Czech firepolish beads
Georgeous Peridot flower with matching peridot crystals on a silver plated chain. Very elegant.

Cord with Czech Firepolish crystals and orange stone with wirework.

Nickle Free earwires - two different styles of earrings.

My fingers are busy this week not only with ironing summer clothing but with creating last minute breathtaking designs for my upcoming jewellery party!
Next week, I shall concentrate on baking and cooking for the party so will not be doing any more designs.
All in all, I believe that I have lots of different choices for people to consider and that each one would make a nice gift for themselves or for those they cherish.
For a change, I put them on my regular blog, as some people read this blog and don't read the jewellery one.
Have a good day.

I will be selling them at my upcoming party.

Sleepless night here in Hamilton, Ontario

Alas, in spite of being tired, I could not sleep. This seems to happen every time there is a change in the weather.

As I peek out the window (3 a.m.), I see fog and wet streets. Can hardly see down the street.

Since it is cheaper to wash from 12 midnight to 7 a.m. now in Ontario, I put in a load of washing. Sure hope my neighbour downstairs doesn't hear it but I doubt that he will as it is in the sitting room area.

Otherwise, I have to wait till 5 p.m. for the mid-peak time to wash. That is a little more expensive but still not as expensive as the peak time.

I had a lovely chat via the internet with my friend Carol. She was up too and could not sleep.

She is coming to Gilda's art exhibit as well on Sunday so it will be good to see her again.

She is a lovely person.

The next two weekends will be very busy for me. Still am sorting out and washing my winter clothing to put it away for the warmer season and have piles of clean summer clothes to iron.

I love the four seasons here in Canada, but you need far more clothes than you would if it were just one or two seasons.

Oh well, once it's done, I shall be glad and won't have to think about a seasonal change of clothing until about October, depending on the weather.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Monday 2010

One of my favourite trees at Bayfront Park. I just love that place.
Mohammad - same spot

A view of the place where some people go swimming
Another of my my favourite trees!

What a delightful afternoon my friend Mohammad and I spent at Bayfront Park. The weather was heavenly, not cold, not too warm.

We took the Bayfront No. 4 bus and the driver was kind enough to tell us where to get off in order to get to that section. There were many people in the park but it was not crowded. I didn't see any people with picnic baskets as is normal in the summer months but folk were walking, riding their bikes, and pushing baby carriages.
There were dogs aplenty waddling, sniffing, doing what they normally do outside and in general, just walking their humans! I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Mohammad likes dogs.
Skateboards were zooming along the paved walkways and joggers were jogging. As befitted our age, we were doing none of that, joke, joke......
Some trees were beginning to bud and the swans were out on the Bay. We sat at one of the far ends of the point and spent hours just gabbing. I learned more about him today than I have learned in all the months we have gone places together.

He is a very respectful gentleman and very considerate of when I need to sit and rest. In short, we can be great pals. We talked about so many deep subjects as well as lighter ones.

Before heading back to downtown, he invited me to Hutch's and we sat outside on their veranda and enjoyed its ambience. We missed the number 4 bus so we took a taxi back to my place where we parted.
We both have been invited to Andrew and Rahel's wedding on Saturday so he will pick me up at my place.
All in all, a wonderful Easter weekend!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Must start my baking soon for the party

A male friend of mine said to me yesterday that he would like me to show him how to bake a cake.

That brought to mind a situation years ago with some Turkish friends. These two young men invited myself and a couple to dinner and they had made a cake along with other food, of course.

One of the young men described their first attempt at making a cake as a scientific experiment. Following a recipe is basically the same as doing a scientific experiment!

I had never thought of baking in that respect before, but, of course, he is right! One measures out ingredients carefully, mixes them thoroughly and then puts them into the oven and voila, after a certain time, in the case of a cake, a lovely item to munch on!

I have agreed to show him how so since he is off today, we may do it today.

He also has offered me space in his frig for when I start to bake for the party.

In an off hand way yesterday, this same friend said that he cannot understand why I don't cook for myself, as my food at the party before was delicious!

I had a laugh inwardly about that. I once had a baking business when the children were small and I made a little extra money this way by selling home made goodies at coffee break.

People used to come to me and ask me what I had made the night before.

As for the upcoming party, I am now seriously planning the menu. I may make my wonderful banana bread with the secret ingredient!

My jewellery work is almost finished now and after the wedding next Saturday, I will be baking like mad for the whole week!

I won't have to make so much food this time as I have invited less people.

It should be a fun day and I hope that people will enjoy themselves.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday at St. Paul's

At Rosie's for Easter Dinner. She made some lovely Rolladen which I love!

Carmen and Mohammad. (Mexico and Egypt) Wally would have been in the picture, except he was elsewhere at the moment.

Carmen and I in front of the beautiful flowers in the sanctuary.

It was another lovely day. Rev. Susan Kerr was once again the minister and she did a terrific job.

I wish we could keep her!

In St. Andrew's Hall, we had hot cross buns which were lovely. Mohammad waited with me for the No. 26 bus as I had a dinner invitation at Rosie's. She had offered to pick me up but I would not allow her to.

Rosie and I had a lovely dinner, she is a fabulous cook and a very good friend. We sat outside on her patio for coffee and desert and enjoyed the beautiful weather. The wind eventually picked up around 5 p.m. so we went inside. Rosie walked me to the bus stop and waited with me until it came.

All in all, a lovely Easter Day.

The church was more filled than normal. Carmen sat with me and then near the end of the service, Mohammad joined us.