Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weihnachten in der Frauenhilfe - St. John's Lutheran

A small segment of the delicious foods at the buffet table!
A wall hanging in the church hall celebrating the Season.

Part of the devotional programme.

A small segment of the ladies gathered around the tables.

Each Christmas since I have been in Hamilton, I have attended this wonderful event. This year was no exception, well organized and good participation by the ladies assembled.
This group of women, Der Frauenhilfe (women's group) are the backbone of the church and bring many different events which benefit not only the church but also outside charities.
It is a group of women; from many different European countries, who immigrated to Canada many, many years ago. The church uses two languages, English and German.
It was open to all women in the congregation and friends of the congregation, so I was able to invite my friend Irene to go with me.
As is usual, there was singing in both languages, poetry and different readers took turns to bring a short devotional piece on the role of angels.

Scrumptious German tortes, vegetable and fruit platters and open faced sandwiches were
served after the devotional programme . A short business meeting was also held.
All, in all, a lovely afternoon, spent with a good group of people.

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