Saturday, December 13, 2008

An update on the Fruck Family household

I have been in touch with this lovely family and learned that both Julia and Cassie are in St. John's Lutheran Christmas pageant which will be held on December 21st.

Julie, is learning to play the guitar and to sing in her home town of Ancaster (Hamilton, Ontario). Well done, Julie! Keep on learning and one day I will have the pleasure of hearing you sing and play the guitar!

Cassandra rides horses at TEAD (Equestrian for disabled) and it is my intention to go and photograph this to show how well she is doing. I also intend to go to the Christmas concert and keep friends and family updated on the girls progress.

Mommy Kathy swims three times a week for exercise at a local pool and Daddy Chris gets his exercise by playing with their beagle dog. He is a great Daddy and very supportive to both his girls and his wife Kathy. He is a tower of strength to his little family.

Although Christmas will not be easy for this family due to their financial stresses, they are making the best of it by baking cookies with the girls, going to see the Christmas lights and making family memories which both the girls will treasure for the rest of their lives.

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