Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Tragedy - in memory of Bentley Slaughter

Left: Greg Right: Bentley in happier times. Best of buddies
Bentley Slaughter

I just learned that a little five year old boy has been killed in a fire on Whiteoaks Blvd. in Oakville. The fire occurred at 2 a.m.

My heart was in my throat as I heard the news on the radio and I called my girlfriend who lives in that block of townhouses. She was in great distress, as were all the neighbours.

It was her little son's best friend who was killed. Bentley oftentimes ate at their place, and visited almost every day with his friend, Greg. These two little five year old boys were inseparable.

Bentley was so proud, he had had his hair braided specially for Christmas and was over to show his pal how he looked just yesterday. He was looking forward to getting some Christmas presents and told little Greg that he had one for him.

When my friend woke up in the morning and looked outside, she saw fire trucks and police cars in front of her door.

She learned that the mother had been transferred to Hamilton General Burn Unit with severe burns. At that stage, the dog was still missing but later on he turned up at my friend's door.

It is my understanding that the mother, the child and the dog lived alone in that townhouse.

Such a tragedy.


Malu said...

Thank you Wilma for your words.
Bentley was very close to our family.He will be deeply missed.
Words can't express our sorrow.

Sleep angel boy you are safe now.

annaken said...

Thank you, Malu, for your comment. As a mother myself, I can understand the grief that those who loved this little fellow are going through.

As you said "Sleep angel boy, you are safe now."

Midnytefire said...

Hi Malu, Wilma, Annaken, this is Natasha , Kim & Bentley's cousin from Vancouver.

Malu we have met before.

On behalf of my family, we really appreciate your support during this time. I will be flying out tommorow and will catch up with you soon. Thanks guys

Take care!

annaken said...

Thank you,Natasha,for commenting. I will pass the message on to Malu.

She will be glad to hear that you are coming.

May you have a safe flight from Vancouver.

Wilma (Annaken)

annaken said...

I am so sorry about your loss. Bentley meant a lot to me.
You guys can count on me for anything.
Have a safe trip.
My prayers and thougths are with you and your family.
Take Care,

Diane McGrath said...

Hi Malu,
I have just in the last couple of days found out about what happened to Bentley and Kim. I am very saddened. And need to see Kim . We went to college together and Italy.
Do you know where she is? My email is dmgrath5@mac.com

Thank you for all you have done for Bentley and Kim take care
Diane Mcgrath

Midnytefire said...

I cannot believe it has been 4 years already and it still seems like yesterday. Our dear Bentley.

Midnytefire said...

Hi everybody, it is Bentley's cousin Natasha, I have more tragic news. My cousin Kim (Bentley's mom) passed away this evening. She is up in heaven with her son now. Please pray for my Aunty to find strength during this time.