Thursday, December 18, 2008

At Jackson's Square

This picture was taken at Tower Poetry Society's part. I made the necklace myself to match some of my clothing.
Today, unexpectedly, I decided to go out after all and went over to Jackson's Square which is about a five minute walk for me.

We are expecting a storm tomorrow so thought I had better get some food just in case we are snowed in. I also borrowed quite a few DVD's from the library so am prepared for a siege! My years in Montreal prepared me for snowstorms, believe me!

Tomorrow, also, is our little Christmas gathering of a little group I belong to, so hopefully, it can go on if the snow is not too much.

In any event, I was glad that I went as there was a school class singing their little hearts out near the food court.

Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me so could not take a snapshot.

I was pleased to see a little child participating who happened to be in a wheelchair. It pleases me so much to see children participate together. I wish that, we as humans, would learn to accept each other as we are, no matter what religion, race or creed we follow or do not follow.
When I worked as a day care teacher for the Toronto Board of Education in the LINC programme, I saw children from all over the world, learn to play and relate to each other. I spent five years of my life working there and value the experience highly. I also value my writing career with the small community newspaper. I learned so much in both of those jobs and they helped shaped me to be the person I am today.

This is just a little blog, no pictures alas, but keep tuned, I expect to have more things to write about on Friday and also Sunday.

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