Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December Concert at Central Libary

This picture does not do justice to the group of students who performed today. It was just too far away to get a clear shot. This was only a small segment of the group.

Today was a special event by students of the Sir Winston Churchill High School who brought a wonderful concert to assembled concert goers. As is usual, I went with a group of friends to enjoy this free, once a month concert, put on by the Library.

These young boys and girls did a tremendous job and I am sure that their parents would be very proud of them. It takes a lot of courage to perform in front of a crowd and crowded it was, indeed!

Their music brought much happiness to people there, singing modern music as well as some of the old Christmas carols. In particular; it gave me so much pleasure to see some of the folk in the audience, who were developmentally challenged, dance in the isles to the beat of the music. What a wonderful thing it is to be so spontaneous!

Having been a volunteer for more than four years in Toronto with these dear folk, it gladdened my heart to see them have so much happiness.

This was perhaps the best attended concert of the year and in the January, other artists will be performing for an appreciative audience. This series of concerts runs from September to June inclusive.

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