Saturday, December 27, 2008

December 27,2008

This little flower is a positive thought of Spring coming and flu bugs going!
Ah, little beaver looks like I feel. Surely, this bug will not continue too much longer! I have had to cancel so many nice engagements this week.

Well, this is now my fourth day of being most unwell. I don't feel any better at all. My friend Irene came over and handed me a herbal remedy to take. Naturally, I could not invite her in!

My son Ken will be coming later in the afternoon and bring me some food which was actually his share of the Christmas dinner, cheesecake and eggnog. He also will not be invited in.


Jefferson said...

Hey Wilma, get well! Positive thoughts, vibrations, and good things are coming your way to help you. See you soon, I hope!

BTW, your "sick beastie" is a beaver. Look at her teeth!

annaken said...

Good morning, Jefferson,

Well, positive thoughts are not working too well right now although I am busy with working with my hands and watching lots of DVD's from the library.

I did not sleep last night at all as I was up coughing. The bug seems to have gone for my weakest spot (and don't say my head!) - my lungs!

What does BTW mean? I'll take a look again. Whatever the beastie is, I think it is very cute!