Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Enjoying my hobby while housebound!

The necklace part of Margaret's gift. Still to make - the bracelet.....
My dear friend Margaret, who came to Canada from Denmark over 50 years ago with her first husband. She has proven to be a good and steadfast friend, standing by me in trouble as well as in good times. May God continue to bless her. We have been friends for over 30 years.
In Margaret's case, she wears a lot of colours which will go well with the above necklace I made.

I personally love working with the turquoise/blue colours but have done others to match friends' colour schemes that they like.

I am so glad that I now have a new hobby which will take up my interest. I really am enjoying this one as it draws on my creative side, my love of giving little gifts, and working with different beads and colours.

I was made very happy by a lady in this building to whom I gave a green necklace. She liked it so much she wore it to work and got lots of compliments on it. She sent me a note to that effect.

That made my day, appreciation goes a very long way!

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