Friday, December 5, 2008

Set up for Christmas at Gore Park, Hamilton, Ontario

Taken from a little distance, see the tall buildings in the background.
The new Nativity Scene, enclosed in glass due to vandalism a couple of years ago. There is now video surveillance.

This lovely Merry Go Round will soon be filled with happy children enjoying the festivities.

Today Gore Park began to look festive as a Merry Go Round and Train and a large decorated evergreen trees was adorned. The Business Improvement Association (B.I.A.) has begun its work to beautiful the park for this Christmas Season.

I took a few shots of what they had put up so far.


princess-anna said...

that is lovely to hear about christmas at Gore Park but not so good to vandalism of things like the nativety scene

annaken said...

Good Evening, Princess-Anna,

I shall be writing more as I take pictures of the events when it warms up abit more. It was a disgrace what happened to the old nativity scene. Vandalism is not good at any time or for anything.

I hope that this one will be safe.

annaken said...

nice pictures Wilma!