Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday, a new week has started

This Hornet caricature taken from Images on Google search engine, reminds me of the time I was on my way up from the Sherbourne subway station in Toronto, to take the bus to pick up my friend Mary in the hospital. I was wearing a very colourful, flowered blouse and I'd swear the only hornet in Toronto found me! All joking aside, instead of picking up my friend, I ended up in the hospital emergency ward myself as I was allergic to the sting. It was a good thing I was on the way to the hospital and not all by myself far from help. Needless to say, it was quite a while before my friend Mary and I could return to her home!

I am not overly fond of bees, hornets, wasps for that reason!

This is how I wish I could be today! A butterfly who could take off so gracefully and fly wherever it wants to go. I am, unfortunately, still not in the fly away stage, like this little beauty!

I have always admired butterflies for their daintiness and their freedom to flit from one sweet smelling flower to another. I remember sitting in one old abandonned churchyard here in Hamilton reading my book and this dear little butterfly lit on my arm and stayed with me for a short while. What a priviledge it was for me. We both felt safe with each other.


Jefferson said...

I had an experience much like that, also with a butterfly. Somewhere among all my disorganized papers is a poem called "To the Butterfly at Rest on my Thigh."

annaken said...
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annaken said...

Good Morning Jefferson,

I felt it was such a wonderful thing, that the butterfly felt safe with me and stayed that long. Naturally, I would never betray its trust!

It would be nice to see that poem you wrote one day. I have almost finished your poetry book on nature and will return it soon. By your words, I can see that you love nature.

Jefferson said...

The book is yours; it isn't a "loaner"!

annaken said...

Dear Jefferson,

That is very kind of you, thank you very much. It will be nice to have it permanently.

I hope you are having a pleasant new year's Eve and things are going the way you want them to.