Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hanging out together at Chedoke Hospital

Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus in the Childrens' Section at Chedoke. All in all, it was a long day for everybody but well worth the time. Cassie was a brave litle girl and very well treated by the staff and a nice young doctor!
A beautiful Christmas wreath on one of the doors where Cassie went.

Cassie and her physiotherapist walking down the hall sporting her Christmas cast!
The red bandages going on!
Cassandra chose green and red (Christmas colours) for her new cast!
Overseeing it all, this cute little clown in the cast room!
A careful wash both the orthotic lady with nice smelling soap, wash much appreciated by little Cassie, giving her some freedom for the moment.
The old cast is off, and it has helped very much, next step, putting on the new cast.
Such dedication and carefulnes shown by Susan, the orthopaedic person who did the casting.
The removal of the cast, bit by bit.
Sheltered in her Mother's arms, waiting for the cast to come off!
The Star of the show, little Cassandra wearing her lovely little scarf from school and displaying her cast which is soon to come off.
The old cast, all signed by schoolmates and proudly worn by Cassie!
A child friendly place! Tthe staff also are very loving and kind to the little ones, I notice.

Special shoes to be purchased by parents when needed for the particular type of problem the child has.

The fish tank in the Childrens' Section at Chedoke.

Pictures of some of the children who have passed through this department and articles from different newspapers on them.

Cassie, engrossed in a game in the Childrens' Section at Rehab at Chedoke. Totally unaware I took the picture which is great!

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon and part of the evening with the Fruck gals. Daddy Fruck was out of town on business so us gals got together to party!
What is the expression? Isn't it something like "when the cat's away, the mouse will play?"

Well, in this case, it was four little mice playing at Chedoke Hospital on the Mountain here in Hamilton. Lovely, lovely grounds up there, most beneficial for patients to stroll on in the better weather. A better spot cannot be found for such a great place!

Now, I am just joking about the mice playing when Daddy Fruck is away. Poor man is working hard doing his best to keep the wolf from the door!
I seem to be in an animal mode today as I write this little blog. Be that as it may, hope you enjoy this little blog.


Kate's Blog said...

Wilma you are very good at writing and picture taking and doing these blogs. Thanks so much for spending the day with me and the girls. I love the blog today.Kathy Fruck

annaken said...

You are most welcome, Kathy. It is my pleasure.

It is my daughter's birthday today, can you imagine that I have a daughter in her mid forties now? Where has the time gone?

Enjoy your time with your little ones.