Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Building's Christmas party

Each year, for the last five years that I have been here, the Board of Directors has hosted a Christmas get together in the party room.

Our Chairman Don and his wife Ruth have spearheaded this effort but this will be their last year doing it as both of them are quite elderly.

Ruth always makes a lovely platter of baked goods and this year she made some yummy meat balls in sauce as well!

On the buffet table, all kinds of cheese and crackers and cold cut platters and nibbles were displayed so that people may pick and choose what they wish.

I only took one picture of the event this year which was of our Assistant Superintendent's son Cam standing beside the Christmas tree in the party room. When Cam was a little boy, he used to visit my cats on a regular basis and we developed a lovely relationship that. A very bright and personable young man.

It was a lovely event, as always and it was great to see people and socialize.

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