Thursday, December 11, 2008

The last meeting of Home Circle after 130 years of service

Wilma relaxing (as usual!)

Left to right: Helen and Dorothy

Enjoying tea and refreshments. left to right, Tysienna, Kay and Una.

The Executive

Seated - Eleanore Vance, Secretary

Standing (left) Tysienna Snip, Treasurer (Right) Rhona Harvey, President

A sad event brought us together, the closing of this group which has met for 130 years. This group of women welcomed me with open arms as a newcomer to Hamilton almost six years ago.

Most of the group are in their eighties and one of them is 94 years of age! The two youngest, Rhona and I, are not spring chickens either!

A presentation was made by Wilma Seville to Rhona Harvey, on behalf of the group for her faithful leadership. Lots of memories were shared in this presentation and a few good laughs were heard as the group went down memory lane with the presenter.

Many of the group are shut-ins and cannot get out. The "Ancaster Taxi" brings most of the ones who can still attend to the group meetings. The driver, Rhona Harvey, went out of her way to keep this group going but alas, the end had to come.

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