Friday, December 19, 2008

Last summer's vacation

The front view of a very quiet street, typical of Lachine. All in all, I have many more pictures of people I visited and places I went to while I was there but this blog is long enough now.

I hope to go back in a few more years to see everybody again!
My cousin's backyard as seen from her deck.

Sasha, my cousin's dog looking out onto her driveway to see what she can see! A nice dog, we got along famously.
Some more flowers growing wild.

I love this little house - it looks like a real home to me. It is on 34th Avenue, down the street from my cousin's house.
The Lachine Lighthouse. When I was young, the merchants used to sell Christmas trees on the wharf and people would come and buy them before Christmas.
A fairly typical older house on the Lakeshore in Lachine, P.Q.
Hollyhocks in Lachine, P.Q. The above are shots from Lachine, P.Q.
Below are shots from Valois, P.Q. and the Laurentian Mountains.
Her lovely old tree and the pool in their backyard in Valois, P.Q. When Wendy got home from work she drove me to Lachine, along with her Mom, and just as we were pulling up to my cousin's in Lachine, another cousin drove up from Ontario. Quite a reunion.
Return to the city of Valois, which is part of the suburbs of Montreal nowadays. The daughter of the family made this wonderful pool in her backyard. Most interesting to see.
I liked this picture of the ferns and the carved piece of wood.
Silhouettes - swimming and snorkeling.

I found this a wonderful scene as well. It reminded me of a rock in the St. Lawrence River when I was young. We used to go across from Ile Perrot and go to this moss covered rock with its little minnows. It is one of my best memories of a life in the summer spent in the countryside in Quebec.
I love rocks and being near rocks in the water. This was a beautiful spot to me.
A house I liked which is one of the houses on this private lake.
A scene from the dock or perhaps from the boat, cannot remember.
The Peddle boat. Trudy and I got a wonderful tour of the whole lake on this boat. The daughters peddled it and it was a great experience. I just loved being on the water again.
Some of the children and grandchilden and a dear friend gathered around the table on the screened in sunporch.
Waltraude is Trudy and I think it was Donna who bought this for her Mom to hang under the sign. It just makes a beautiful picture!
Ah, life at the cottage - one of the grandchildren of my dear friend. How's that for relaxation!
This is my friend Trudy, who is originally from Austria but grew up in Montreal, P.Q. We have been good friends since our children were born which is more than forty years ago! Trudy's Mom, whom we all called "Omi" (grandmother) was so good to my daughter and I and was a good influence on both Trudy and I, as women alone raising children.
Today is a stormy winter day with 30 cm. of snow a good possibility so I decided to cheer myself up by reminiscing about my vacation last summer. I was only gone for seven days but it was a most refreshing and wonderful vacation. I liked this picture off the internet as it shows the water and two easy chairs to enjoy the scene!
This summer was extra special to me as I went to my home province and enjoyed a wonderful time in La Belle Province. It all started when my girlfriend's daughter invited me to their cottage in the Laurentians for a few days. The Laurentians are lovely and full of wonderful lakes to actually swim in and evergreen trees as well as deciduous trees to enjoy. This area is about one hour's drive from the Valois/Pointe Claire area of Montreal.
Ah, summer vacations, away from the routine of life!

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