Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A wonderful afternoon spent with a good friend

What a great afternoon we spent together.  Jeff picked me up at a little before 1 p.m. and we went to Waterdown to a waterfalls there.

There had been a bad storm the night before and the water coming over the falls was muddy brown and coming with great force.

The waterfall

Another shot

Different angle

It was Jeff's idea to go to a waterfall and since he knows them better than I do, I asked him to pick one.  His choice was excellent and there was a lovely shady tree which was so wonderful to sit under on this very hot and muggy day.

Flushed face due to the extreme heat!

We enjoyed a picnic lunch together, drank a thermos of coffee and talked to people who walked on the trail.  It was very enjoyable.

Observe the falls in the background


The whole afternoon went extremely well until we went to the observation deck.  Jeff had gone to put away the picnic things in the car, and I proceeded down the stairs.  I don't quite know why, but I fell down three or four steps and landed on my metal cane.  It was not a very pleasant experience as I was in a lot of pain.  It very much looks like the metal cane had broken some ribs on the right side. 

Fortunately Jeff came down and he was able to help me up.  If it had been some of my lady friends, they could not have pulled me up. 

Here is a shot of the "after" picture.  I wasn't smiling but Jeff said "smile" so I did.  I was quite shaken up and was hanging onto those metal bars for support.

After a  little rest, we went for a little walk as I said I was fine.  Here are some shots we took on the walk.

Red robin on the fence

Jeff, I should have did a close shot with the zoom


A lost cat, advertised on the Bruce Trail where we were.

Smokey Hollow Trail - Waterdown
Also known as Great Falls

After we left there, we took a ride over to LaSalle Park which is in Burlington.

An interesting tree trunk with new life

I liked these leaves, so Jeff took this picture.

Hamilton as seen from Burlington

A sailboat plus a big ship with the steel works in the background - Hamilton

Mom and Dad and baby Swan

A great shot
Jeff took a lot of the pictures at La Salle Park as I still was not feeling too steady.

Burlington's Yacht Club


A wild rose - we have them in Quebec as well.

The Industrial Side of Hamilton as seen from Burlington

A wonderful sailboat in Burlington
It would have been a perfect day except for the fall.  However, it could have been worse - ribs heal by themselves.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and have a good day!

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