Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Check out my short story published in England

Here is the link.    http://howyahdoon.blogspot.com/2011/06/short-story-from-wilma-seville-choudrys.html

I hope you will enjoy it.  I did a great deal of research on it regarding the main character's occupation (thanks Wally).  I also spoke to many close friends from the culture I am writing about in this story.  My newspaper experience helped me interview people in order to make this story true to life.

The editor gave me a valuable suggestion which made the story even better.  Thank you John.

My first English publication - now my work is going international, not just in Ontario.

Enjoy and please check out his htp://howyahdoon.blogspot.com

We have never met but he is easy to deal with and I plan to send more work his way from time to time.

Thanks for reading my blog and come back when you are able.


John Stiles said...

Thanks for sending the story Wilma. I really enjoyed reading it. I think your observations about people are very good and the part that sticks in my mind is when Saleem is told about a potential job and change in fortune by another man in the hospital who is lying on the bed with his back turned to him.


John Stiles

annaken said...

Hi John,

I'm not a big talker but I listen a lot and observe human nature. I am so blessed to have friends from many different cultures and this enriches my life and my writing.

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I shall be reading some of my poetry on the 19th of June at Puddicome Farm which should be very enjoyable as well. I am humbled to be invited as there are some pretty well known poets reading as well.