Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Sunday afternoon in June 2011

After coffee hour at St. Paul's, Kevin came back for a light lunch and then we decided to go and sit in the lovely little parkette at Bay and Hunter. 

What a delightful afternoon it was,  The weeping willow tree gave us some shade, there was a nice breeze and we brought our own chairs and water.

My friend Kevin - a musician extraordinaire!

Sitting under a weeping willow tree - Wilma

My beautiful tree!
What a lovely afternoon we spent together.  We took the Number 7 bus up and set up our chairs under this fantastic old tree.  We faced the city hall parking lot and we could see Bay Street and its many cars whizzing by.

A view of city hall parking lot and city hall from the back

Kevin took this shot, unknown to me

The Sheraton Hotel in downtown Hamilton, Ontario

What a marvelous way to spend a few hours on a lovely Sunday afternoon.There was some kind of a protest march but we were too far away to know what it was about.

Jotting down ideas for poems or a short story

The start of something?
We spent three hours together enjoying the little parkette.

Kevin took many different shot which I will share with you.

Red Robbin

The back of City Hall.
We spent about three hours just enjoying the parkette and watching people walking by.  At my suggestion, we went over to Whitehern Historical Building to see the garden and to take some shots.

It was only a very short walk downhill.   There have been many changes in Whitehern's Garden and one of my favourite trees has been felled.  It looked like it was chopped down.  It used to shade the back part of the garden.  I felt so very sad to see this as it was a venerable old tree.  Our group, the Whitehern guys and gals, have spent many happy summers, sheltering under this dear old tree, listening to the Wednesday concerts.

They have moved the bench that was not able to be seen from the street.  It is now in a more prominant place. I suspect that is because of addicts drinking alcohol or doing drugs.  I have seen that with my own eyes, and immediately left the garden. Last summer the police dropped in from time to time and walked the whole path in the gardens. I was delighted to see them.

One of Whitehern's beautiful flowers

At Whitehern

at Whitehern

Part of the ornate fence
Unfortunately, the benches are now all in the full sun which means that they will need to buy more umberellas for the concerts or people will not be able to stay to listen to the various artists.

A sad ending for my beloved tree
Kevin took many more shots, as a matter of fact, he took 122 shots but of course, I will not put them all on here.

McNabb Presbyterian Church where the McQuesten family were members

This reminds me of a life saving ring for the water.

This is where the McQuesten girls used to have their room

If you are interested in learning more about the McQuesten family who played an important role here in Hamilton, please go to the Whitehern Historical Museum website.  My friend, Dr. Mary Anderson, has written a new book on one of the girls. I believe it is on Ruby.  Their story is actually very fascinating and when one takes a tour of the place, it is like stepping back in time.  I personally love going in there as it reminds me of my childhood in so many ways.

After leaving Whitehern, Kevin took some shots of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church on James Street South as well as of the Piggott Building which is the first highrise in Hamilton.  It now is condos but it has a colourful history.  I have written a story for HistoriCITY on the Piggot building which was published a few years ago.

This is a view from the church driverway of the two glass buildings and Centeniary United Church

One of the two Porches on each side of St. Paul's Presbyterian church.

One of the many gravestones in the church yard

Taken from the side of St. Paul's - one can see the SunLife and the Piggott Building in the distance.

The side door of St. Paul's (near the office)

Here are only a few shots. 

This was a bank originally, I don't know what it is now.  It is very beautiful.

Part of the same building as above

The windows in the Piggott Building entrance

A close up of a workman working on the Piggott Building

In the Piggott Building entrance

Observe the wonderful work and light

The foyer of the Piggott Building going into the Sun Life Building

What would my blog be without my sixteen year old cat Boots?

Thanks for reading my blog and come back again some time if you are able.

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