Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jack and Winnifred

My parents were a team, my Mom staying home to raise the children until we were teenagers, my father working to support the family. She then took a job in an art shop which she really loved.  It also was a part time job. 

In all the years, I have never heard any arguments between them and, at least before the children, they presented a united front.

I was blessed to live in such a family and I thank God for the godly upbringing I had.

They were very protective of each other and my Dad and brother cared for my Mom who had Alzheimer until she died.  It was so lonely for my Dad without her as they had known each other since they were 14 years of age.  They were married at age 25 and remained married for over 50 years.  Death parted them.

My Dad was very handy with tools and repairing things and he kept our home well repaired.  I wrote a story about our home when in Creative Writing at George Brown.  I should dig it out again and revisit it.

Jack and Winnifred - a real team.

Thanks for dropping by.  Stay tuned for Puddicombe Farm news later on this evening.

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