Sunday, June 26, 2011

Art Show at Whitehern

There were many talented young high school students who exhibited their work on this sunny, warm Sunday afternoon.

I was very pleased to see this wide array of subjects that they portrayed in paint.

I was also extremely pleased to see that people of different religions participated and there seemed to be a real spirit of fellowship between the different artists.

A shot taken from the entrance of the garden

The fabulous young musician - multi talented

I think I heard his name was Ryan
His music was amazing.  This young man will go far with his music!  It was most pleasant.

A general view

The fellow in the orange shirt was the judge - he is a visual artist

It was difficult to find shade in the garden and the sun was extremely hot.  I sat with a lady whom I had seen at the weekly concerts last summer.  We introduced ourselves.  A friend of hers came over and I recognized her face but didn't remember where I knew her from.  It was June who worked with me at the Catholic Family Services.  She worked at outreach services and I worked as a senior peer councillor.

She told me that two of the ladies who left there have started their own moving company and are specializing in moving seniors.  I know both of these ladies and if I ever move, I will certainly contact them as I like both of them.  I worked with them for over four years and we never had a cross word!

What a small world it is. 

My friend Jennifer came as well so we found a little patch of shade and sat together.  Had a lovely time and it was well worth going to see.

Congratulations to Liz Corey who organized this event.


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