Monday, June 20, 2011

Puddicombe Farm Poetry Event 2011

Conrad and Marie DiDiodato were our gracious hosts for this annual poetic reading.  This year, it was held at Puddicombe Farm which is in Winona, Ontario.

Winona, for those who are unfamiliar with this town, has a peach festival each summer.  I hope to go one year just to see this.

Not only does this delightful couple rent a space to hold this yearly feast of poets, but they also provide a lovely buffet.  It is held on Father's Day.

For more information about Puddicombe Farms, google the name and you will see some interesting facts about this place.

There were some very well known poets among the readers, one coming all the way from London, Ontario, another from Brantford, others from Toronto and of course, local Hamilton poets.  The theme for this year was nature but other types of subjects were welcome as well.

Conrad DiDiodato - teacher, poet, blogger - our host

 Conrad welcomed the assembled guests and  introduced each poet with a short biography.

Andreas Gripp - London, Ontario poet
Wilma Seville - Hamilton poet
These were the first two readers.  I was glad to be among the first readers as I tire very easily.

Michael Mirolla

David Haskins - Grimbsy poet

Jeff Seffinga - Hamilton poet

Karen Shenfeld - Toronto poet

James Dheal - Hamilton poet (originally from Pittsburg, Pa.

Norma West Linder - Sarnia poet

Suzanne Robertson - Toronto

Daniel Kolos

George Down also read from his beautiful work.  He also mentioned Mary Anderson's new book which has just come out about the McQuesten Family.  George read us two poems of his which were included in her book

All in all, a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, listening to beautiful words spoken by poets.

I took some shots of the grounds as seen from above which I will post here.

A view from the gallery

A wonderful weeping willow tree

David, Jeff, Rosemary - enjoying the fresh breeze

A small part of the farm

Thanks for dropping by my blog.  Hope you have enjoyed your stay.

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Conrad DiDiodato said...

Thank you, Wilma!

I'm so happy you enjoyed the Puddicombe reading. Your blog post celebrates both the scenery and poetry event.

annaken said...

Yes I did very much Conrad. I hope many people will visit the blog and hear more about your annual Poetry Reading event.

All the best to Marie.

Karen Shenfeld said...

Thank you for posting this delightful, visual blog.