Saturday, June 18, 2011

A little set back

I tried so hard to print off my cover sheet  to introduce each poem for the Puddicombe Poetry event tomorrow, but the printer says something is stuck inside.  I lifted it which would be okay normally as it is not heavy, but by doing that, I have reinjured myself.

I now have joined the "yelp chorale" again.  My ribs were starting to feel better and I was so pleased as I am not a very good patient!  In fact, I would say patience is not my best quality when it comes to me being ill!  I am very patient with others who are sick though.

Fortunately, I went to the Farmer's Market yesterday and also the library.  I am now back into reading Edgar Allan Poe.  I love his imagination. 

The problem still remains how to print off my cover sheet.  I don't know how to use a library computer - have never done it and also walking over there will be painful.

My only hope is to find somebody who can see the paper and take it out.  Both Andrew and Ken are not available.

Fortunately, I am not a last minute person and all my poems are run off already.  I can always write it out by hand I suppose.

Another thought would be to send it to  one of my pals who are also reading and they can print it out. 

For every problem, there is a solution!

Stay tuned for news tomorrow of the Puddicombe Farm Poetry Event.  It should be an exciting time.

Thanks for dropping by.

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