Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Concert of the summer at Whitehern

Myself, in front of the heart shaped flower garden at Whitehern.
Anita in the front yard of Whitehern. Note the beautiful heart shape that Whitehern gardeners do each year.

It was a perfect day for the first concert of the season and our group enjoyed it very much. A Red Hat group of ladies also attended which was nice to see. I love the way they dress in bright, happy colours. We were missing some of our regular group members as two of them went to Ottawa to see the Queen who is in Canada. She came to Halifax first for the 100th year of the celebration of the Canadian Navy. Then she went to Ottawa and will take part in the Canada Day Celebrations there.

Jeff and Grace dancing to Ruth's lovely music

A joke photo. I dared Jeff to take a picture of me when I was threatening him, so he did! We enjoy teasing each other.

A snap shot taken by Jeff.

Alice, Anita, Jeff, Willie (Bill). We had to move into the shade as the sun was just too warm.

Two newcomers to the group, Alice (a friend of Jeff's) and Willie, a Scottish Gentleman

It was the first concert in the summer season. We had thought it was the Hilda and Jane tea so we came prepared to pay our $10.00. It turned out that it was not going to be held this year but instead they put the first concert one week earlier than usual and will run one week later into September. The regular concert series are each Wednesday from 12-2, rain or shine. If it rains, it is held in the carriage house.

Ruth Sutherland was the performer today with her lovely voice and harp. Very enjoyable. She will come again another time before the summer is over. Judith, co-owner of ArtWord/Artbar heard the music and dropped in and joined our little group. It was good to see her. Perhaps she and Ron can take turns in coming as she seemed to enjoy the brief period of time she spent in the gardens.

Me, holding the wee fellow.

Nonie's little fellow.

The Moms and babies, with Anita, Liz and Grace.

Grace, Sonia and Liz posing with the baby girls.

My Sonia with her two baby girls. Grace looking at them. Both Sonia and Nonie are on Maternity Leave and brought the babies to show us all.

Nonie and her little one at the concert today. Cutest little fellow and so good!
The three little ones are enjoying their first ever concert!


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annaken said...


Thanks for leaving a comment. You do quite often which pleases me.

At first I did not understand your comment but now do. You are right, my picture making the face was wit and I used this blog (pen and ink so to speak) to express the wit!

You seem to follow my blog quite often, where are you from?