Friday, June 11, 2010

The wonderful Mennonite Choir at Gore Park

I happened to look out my window and saw that they had come for their once a year singing at Gore Park.

This year I noticed it in time to go down and enjoyed listening to them. The women dress very conservatively (modestly) with a little hat on their heads. The men dress in regular long pants and long sleeved shirts.

They are the New Order Mennonite people, probably coming from the Kitchener/St. Jacob's area. They have voices like angels and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them.

One little family sat in front of where they were singing (I think they appeared homeless) and ate a pizza while they were listening to the choir.

The reason I think they were homeless is because they didn't look too clean and the man was carrying a pillow on his back. They had three small children with them. They had a little one in a stroller which was piled up with bundles as well.

However, I hope I am wrong.

It was a pleasure to hear the Mennonite choir and this year there was no instance of trouble like there was last year. One foolish man chased after the women with his private parts exposed as they were going to the parking lot near me. I felt so bad for those poor women as they would not normally be exposed to such behaviour. I saw it all from my window that time.

I am glad that they had the courage to come again and sing. There were a few people listening to them so that is a good sign.


Marcela Cocco said...

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annaken said...

Dear Marcela,

Thank you for leaving your comments on my little blog. I will try and see that blogspot. Are you in Brazil? I have a Brazilian friend here in Canada.

We are very good friends and have known each other for many years.