Monday, June 21, 2010

Erland Lee Home - Historical house in Hamilton, Ontario

A shot from across the street. Toronto is in the far distance.
A close up shot. They also are one of the my favourite flowers!

Wild roses growing on the property

A close up of a Tiger Lily. One of my favourite flowers

A gorgeous tree on the property
Part of the grounds at Erland Lee Home

E.d. Smith - jam makers. The plant is still in Stoney Creek. Stella and I passed it.


The cutter (one horse open sleigh) which was hung up by ropes

A child's sleigh
Oh Canada!

Some interesting tools. Some of them have written notes. You may be able to zoom in to see them.

This was the building where we had the poetry reading. If you can see it, there is a smaller door within a larger door. This was a working barn at one time which would have held animals, also hay and grain would have been stored upstairs.
Yesterday at the poetry reading at this historical house in Stoney Creek, I took some pictures of the place where the reading took place. It was a barn originally. There were so many interesting items in it that I thought I would share some of the pictures with you.


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