Saturday, June 26, 2010

Busker Crawl June 25,2010

Two young fellows who posed for us. Great guys, we enjoyed talking with them.
An interesting storefront window on James St. North.

In a store front window on James St. North.
In the window of Hamilton Artists Inc.

Taken inside ArtWord/Artbar, listening to Klyde Brook's performance. My pal took this shot.
In the lovely gardens at Christ Church Cathedral on James St. North

This night was a really interesting one with lots going on and all pretty well free! There was the Busker Crawl and then ArtWord/Artbar. My friend Jennifer and I also bumped into two other friends while we were out which made it very nice.

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While the performances were going on inside, we had the honour of seeing a religious parade go by outside our window. It was an Italian group with religious floats. It reminded me so much of the French Canadian religious parades in Lachine. I was so happy to see it. I have seen them before going past my building downtown but quite a few years before and I really was touched by it at that time. Tonight it was my candlelight so pictures would not do it justice.

All in all, a very full and interesting way to spend a Friday night.

Outside on the stairs of ArtWord/Artbar. Dressed up for busker crawl. Loved their look!
A lady from Mexico, but I did not catch her name. She was talking about the indigenous people of Mexico and elsewhere.

Klyde Brooks, dub poet, performing his poetry at ArtWord/Artbar on Colbourne down from James North. It was very interesting to me to see this form of poetry. I cannot recall seeing it done this way before. I quite liked it, particularly the part where it became interactive with audience participation. It was almost like the round singing the way it used to be done when I was young.

After the busker crawl, we dropped into ArtWord/Artbar and this is Jeff reading some of his dub poetry.

Jennifer took this shot at the fountain at Christ Church Cathedral.

This is the Armory entrance on James North.
This is a Portuguese Restaurant. At night this lights up with blue lights and looks very pretty!

I took quite a few pictures of interesting spots around the James North area. This was in the window of Graham Crawford's history shop.

All the buskers were great and played well. We had a nice little chat with these two young fellows who played outside of Christ Church Cathedral. They were very friendly and played well.

I loved to hear the violin along with the other instruments.

I particularly thought this was a great idea. This fellow was playing the sticks on the poster! Very original....
Jeff, a poet friend of mine who also plays the harmonica.

What a great time my friend and I had last night! It was a real delight to hear all the wonderful talent that came out for this busker crawl. James North has become a very interesting spot to visit, especially now that ArtWord/ArtBar is there. It has become one of my favourite places to go as I really like the hosts who always make me feel very welcome. Last night was no exception. Ny friend and I dropped in for a drink after enjoying the busker crawl. Above are some pictures I took of various artists and of some interesting places on the street.