Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tower Poetry book launch - June 2010

Last, and certainly not least, my friend Ed Woods who is also a published poet.
Eleanore Kosydar, reading from her beautiful poem about her sister.

Jeff Seffinga reading his own poems.

Becky Alexander - from out of town
Jennifer Tan
David Haskins
Me, reading my poem.
Ellen Ryan reading from the book.
Tamara De Dominicis, a newly published poet.

Valerie, reading from her published poem in the book.

Stan White reading from his work.
Our new President, Valerie Nielsen welcoming the guests to the event.

Jeff Seffinga, Editor in Chief.

Our table was set in the little shelter where the artists usually perform from in the summer months. It looked very pretty with a green cloth and almost matching serviettes plus fruit and vegetable trays as well as humas and small pieces of pida bread. Valerie had made a punch as well which seemed to go down quite well.

A small gathering of interested people.

The weather was very "iffy" and a slip up happened that we were not in the booking book for
Whitehern. We had expected to go into the carriage house since it looked so much like rain!

There was a birthday party for a five year old which I thought was such a delightful idea! It would be a great place to have a party.

However, that did present a little problem for us but the staff at Whitehern carried out chairs for us and a long table and we set up in the garden which saved the day.

Happily for us, the rain held off and things proceeded according to schedule. The day could have been ruined but everything turned out well for everybody.

As is customary, the poets who were published in this book were asked to read and I myself read my "Floating" poem.

Considering the weather, the turn out was not too bad. My friend Mohammed came straight from the Go Bus from Toronto which was very kind of him.

He is a good friend and always does his best to attend things that I am involved in.

Irene was there and I appreciated that so much also. Unfortunately, the newlyweds did not turn up but perhaps it was not their cup of tea.

Irene came back for herbal tea and we spent a lovely time chatting together. We have been friends for 7 years and met at an Amnesty International meeting here in Hamilton. We both are into human rights etc. etc.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from the book launch and thank you for reading.


princess-anna said...

Hi mom I love everything you did at the poetry event and I loved seeing the pictures of all who read from their work.


annaken said...

Thank you Princess Anna for your kind remarks on my blog.

It was a very nice afternoon.