Friday, June 18, 2010

An unexpected invitation

I went to the Mall today just to look around and send two small parcels to Toronto. It is a dangerous thing to go to the mall as there is always something that you can use - thus you spend money!

I went to the Post Office and mailed the parcels and both parties should get them in about 3 days which is just fine. It will be a lovely surprise for both of those old friends.

Dropped off some videos at the drop box and then went over to the Old Eaton's Center just to look around. Hart's was having an anniversary celebration and the store was quite crowded which meant good business for them!

After buying a few necessities, I went down to Liquidation World and looked around my favourite store. Picked up some cleaning supplies there and had a good look around.

I have been avoid the malls but it was nice to go again after a long time.

When I got home, I got an e-mail as well as a phone call from my friend Rosie and we are going to have a picnic down at the waterfront later this afternoon which is a great idea!

I love being by the water as does Rosie.

All in all, a lovely day!

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