Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grand River Boat Cruise Park 2

At the Dutch Mill

I loved this little cat mat!

The farm animals at The Old Dutch Mill

This little pony is just 21 days old.

I liked him the best! What a friendly goat!

In the flower garden part of The Old Dutch Mill. All plants were for sale.

I loved the feather on this plant. A bird must have flown over and it dropped. So natural!

Our dinner on the boat cruise.....

Roast beef dinner - cooked very nicely and was very tasty.

Only thing missing was the Yorkshire Pudding. I don't think people make that anymore.

Our entertainer on the boat. One of the four members of the Blazing Fiddles.

Fresh, homemade bread. Yummy!

The captain of the boat.

The Blazing Fiddles

When we got to the site, we were invited to go into the craft store until they could have the coffee and complimentary muffins available for us. (Actually, that was a good idea as people had nothing else to do until the coffee was ready!) Good business plan.

There were several buses there from different places, but mostly older people. I think Andrew and Rahel were the youngest in the room!

I had a carrot muffin which was fabulous and I also enjoyed the coffee.

We then were shown a video of The Grand River and told about its history which was interesting.

After that, we had musical entertainment by "The Blazing Fiddles" who were fantastic! Their energy was unbelieveable and they performed for a long time without flagging!

Mind you, they all were young people. Two fiddles, one base , one piano and one drum. They all dressed in black. All had studied music in university. The young lady sang as well as played the fiddle.

It was an amazing event and they played many familiar tunes including Hungarian music which I just loved.

Our boat trip commenced after their performance and it ran for about 3 hours. We had a delicious roast beef dinner on board and one of the Musicians played for us while we were eating.

The pictures I took of this group did not turn out very well at all as the room was in darkness and only the stage was highlighted so they will not download well.

On the way back to Hamilton we stopped at The Dutch Mill which was as very interesting place. They had a little farm there so took lots of pictures of the animals and some pictures inside the shop and also some pictures of the wonderful plants they had to sell.

We arrived back in Hamilton about 5:45 which was earlier than they had expected and then the three of us walked home. All in all, a great day!


princess-anna said...

Sounds so good and I hope you have a chance to go next year. I think i went there to and had the Blazing Fiddles play their nice music at that place and I bought a CD of their music. I love it to pieces

annaken said...

Thank you for your comment, Princess-Anna.

It is a lovely place to visit and not to far from Hamilton or Kitchener.

Anonymous said...