Sunday, June 6, 2010

A very nice time at Margaret's

Margie & Princes at her kitchen table.

Margie's very special desert - I now have the recipee!

Sonia and Eunice

The birthday people, Rene, Sonia (same day) and Eunice, next week. I went into Toronto especially to celebrate with them.

What a lovely break I had staying with my friend Margaret and seeing Rene, Sonia and Eunice. It was their birthdays and Margaret had a nice little party for them and invited me to come in.

The ride in was really good and went by very fast. I did have some difficulty at Union Station and the Beck taxi driver was a little peeved with me as he could not find me. I was standing where I was told to stand to wait for Wheeltrans but apparently he was not looking there.

It was a little uncomfortable due to his stress level being up and he was very uncommunicative to say the least. When I arrived at my destinastion I said thank you and he just nodded.

Union Station is a madhouse with all the construction being done. Dozens of taxis as well as regular cars all pulling into the same small spaces in front of Union Station.

It almost put me off going to Toronto!

However, once I was at Margaret's and everybody arrived, we had a wonderful time together as always. They will come at the end of July to celebrate my birthday and we will have a picnic.

After they all had gone, Margaret and I sat out on her swing in the backyard and had a lovely chat and just enjoyed the garden and the birds.

The next day, my pickup was between 2-2:30 and he arrived at 2:15 and was a lovely man.
He was very kind and even took me across the road to the side where the Go bus station is which he didn't need to as Front Street is the official place.

I really appreciated that!

The Hamilton bus came within about 3 minutes and I got on and had a very pleasant ride home.

It is good to be home though - Toronto is just too busy for me now!