Monday, June 21, 2010

A lovely event at the Erland Lee Home in Stoney Creek

Katherine Gordon - poet
David Haskin - poet

Ellen Jaffe - poet

Becky Alexander - poet

Stan White - poet

James Deahl - poet
Jeff Seffinga - poet
Stella Mazur Preda, poet

Andreas Gripp from London, Ontario. This wonderful poet motored all the way from London to attend this event. A delightful man whose work speaks volumes.

Conrad and Marie had provided a delicious repas.

Our host, poet Conrad Didiodato

Our hostess - Marie. She and Conrad proved to be very delightful hosts. Note the beautiful china cups on the table.

A view of the main house. We were not in there but it looks lovely and I could not resist taking a picture of it. Note the lattice work over the entrance way!
The Erland Lee Home which is also the site of the First Women's Institute. It was such a wonderful spot to have a poetry reading - very rustic and the grounds were so beautiful.

What an idyllic setting to have a poetry reading. I am so happy that my friend Stella invited me to go there with her yesterday. She was one of the readers and I really liked the poems she read about her Aunt. I could just "see" her Aunt through them and what she went through as a new immigrant to Canada.

Stella had never been there either and so it was an experience for both of us to see this part of rural Stoney Creek. I must say that it would be a lovely area to live in. Very different from downtown, to say the least!

Conrad had a super line up of poets who read and I must say I enjoyed all of their work. Each poet has a different way of speaking and sees things from another angle. As it was a very rural setting, many of the poets chose nature poems from their respective works.

It was a little difficult to hear one of the poets as this person has a very soft voice but aside from that, it was a marvelous event.


Conrad DiDiodato said...


I'm so glad you liked our Erland Lee poetry reading, and what wonderful pictures you've taken. Thank you so much for being a part of the annual June solstice celebration of friends and poetry.

annaken said...

Good Evening Conrad,

Yes, I enjoyed the ambience of the place plus the lovely poetry. I take pictures wherever I go and usually write up the event. I was glad to have met Andres, this is the first time I have heard him read his lovely work as well.