Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time spent at Pier 4 Friday night

Last, but certainly not least, a tree I just love! It is near the parking lots for this area. The Leander Boat Club is also close by.

All in all, a delightful few hours spent with a good friend at Pier 4!

This is more like my type of flower, big, bold and beautiful!

Rosie wanted me to take this shot as she liked these flowers, so I did.
My friend Rosie. We bumped into Carole on her bike down there and had a lovely chat!

Wild Roses growing by the paths. They are almost finished now but still beautiful to see.
A view of The Hamiltonian boat. I have taken this tour several times over the years I have lived here and enjoy it each time.
The sun was going down. In the distance you can see the dragon boats. There were lots out last night. They were amazing.
A clump of trees near where we were sitting at the bench.

A peaceful scene....

Another view of the water....
A broken tree limb. It was just hanging there - hopefully it was not a human who has done this but rather a bad storm.

At our newly found spot - some Canada Geese doing their own thing! I personally have never been to this side of Pier 4 so it was a real treat. Rosie found it.
A view of the trolley that goes along the waterfront. This year the price has risen to $5.00. However, one can get on and off and spend time at different locations in the park so it is one way of getting to other sections. It is a long walk from the bus to Bayfront Park and also Pier 8. Mind you, Pier 8 will shortly have the free shuttle bus going down to the waterfront so that makes it easier for people who do not drive.
A shot from the distance of the playground. Did not want to get too close as children must be protected, especially on the internet!

This is where a tree was planted by the folk from St. John's Lutheran Church on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. The tree is flourishing and well cared for.

Pier 4, part of the wonderful waterfront here in Hamilton!
This wonderful boat with a wading pool near it, a water fountain and swings and slides is at Pier 4 at Hamilton's wonderful waterfront. Last night there were lots of children playing there and it was a delight to see them enjoying the fresh breezes from Hamilton Harbour. I was tempted myself to climb on it but I had no small child with me so I had no excuse to play!

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