Friday, July 2, 2010

Festival of Friends Canada Day

I keep this surface covered as they like to lie there and hair can be a bother and this makes it easier for me to wipe it off. They don't mind at all and are content. In fact, they oftentimes burrow into it and try and hide! It is great fun. When I am making the bed, Tiger has a real fight with the two plastic covers and does this each morning as part of his routine. Even Boots is now joining in on the fun.
In case you are wondering what my two "boys" are doing on a blog about Festival of Friends, here is the reason. Just because I can! Actually, all joking aside, I got new batteries from the store and had charged them so was just testing to see they were fine. Thus, pictures of the cats. Tiger is the orange and white one and Boots is the grey/blackish one staring up at the camera.
My pal Rosie and a tree I like at Gage Park.
The main stage - a young lady singing. She had a very powerful voice.
I was somewhat disappointed that Anna and Bill could not come for the day as planned but unfortunately she was not feeling well enough to travel. Rosie and I went to Festival of Friends at Gage Park in the afternoon. It was nice and there were huge crowds there.

The sun was quite hot so we had to shelter under the shade several times. In the meantime, as we were heading to shade, we bumped into Jeff.

He had come on his bike as he usually does in the summer.

We stayed for several hours. There was a $7.00 charge for parking which I thought was highway robbery! We should have taken the bus.....

After our visit to the park, Rosie asked me to help her with her computer so I went back to her place to do so. We managed to muddle through some things but others I could not figure out how to do. I am definitely not a computer whiz but I do have more knowledge in that field than she does.

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