Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Islay at Whitehern

A lovely old tree, reaching up to the heavens, near the Carriage House. The trees and the flowers are so beautiful on this property and we are so fortunate to have this house and gardens to visit. The McQuesten's did a lovely thing, when they bequeathed it to the City. It is my home away from home.
This darling little girl came over and sat with Jeff. Her Mom and her little brother were near us, sharing a lovely colourful blanket. It was a delight to have this little family beside us. Also, the Y daycare group came over for a short while and they were very well behaved. I just love it when children are around. Poor Mom, she would just get comfortable when one of the little ones would take off and she would have to get them back. She was a marvelous mother!

Taken from quite far away.

Taken from my chair of Islay.
I must say that it was very enjoyable to have the "gang" together again after a long time. Islay, as always, surpassed themselves. We pooled our food today, I brought some cake I made and Anita brought some delicious egg and onion sandwiches.

A view from further away.
One side of our group today.
It was so wonderful to hear this group again. I always enjoy it so much when they come.

The day itself was very nice, not as beastly hot as it has been. In fact, where we were sitting, there was a nice little breeze.

We had a good crowd at our table today as the "Y" girls skipped class so they could hear this group.


Jefferson said...

The mother and her two children are the family of the mandolin player (on the far end.) The young lady pointed at him out and told me, "Daddy!"

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