Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too many nice things to do - overbooked

I forgot about the Literary Event tonight when I arranged to go with my new friend down to the waterfront. I had already told the organizers and arranged with friends to go with them at least a month ago, but I totally forgot about it when I was talking to my new friend.

This is not the first time that I have double booked things. I really have to try and keep my purse calendar more up to date!

I have been so busy at home trying to move furniture by myself and rearrange the sitting room to give it a more open look, that other things have slid. I keep thinking that I am 40 years of age but that is not the case anymore!

I am also writing a story which has a deadline so that keeps me busy as well. It is coming along very nicely and I am pleased about that.

Speaking of stories, my story has come out in Perspectives Magazine if anybody is interested in reading it. It is about a balcony and told from the balcony's point of view. Just Google Perspectives Magazine and find the July 2010 issue. The magazine also comes out in hard copy as well.

I have to try and look at some of my poetry so that I can submit some poems to the Tower Poetry contest before the end of August.

Last night, for some reason, I could not sleep at all and tonight will be a late night. I hope that my energy level will be okay to go tonight. I may just have to go for a short while and come home early. We'll see.

It is the Whitehern concert today and today's music is blues and blue grass. I particularly like blue grass music.

I wish sometimes that I had an extra pair of hands so that it would be easier to move things around here. That is one of the disadvantages of living alone. I really like where I have the table now as it is right at the window and makes it easier for me to see when I am making my jewellery designs.

Oh, I saw my eye specialist yesterday and good news, no change and things are good. I am very pleased about that. I have not had to change my glasses for about 8 years.

Thanks for reading and wish me luck that I can do all the good things that I have planned for today.

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