Saturday, July 10, 2010

A delightful encounter

Rahel and I planned to go together up to Limeridge Mall and then to the waterfront on the shuttle bus but something came up for her and she could not go.

I haven't been up there for close to a year I would think. It really hasn't changed much. I went to get the free batteries and my hearing aids cleaned as they had offered this as a birthday present.

That was my purpose for going up there.

After I did that little business, I wandered around the mall and felt a little tired after wandering so I sat down on a bench before going into The Bay Home Outfiters Store. A young lady was there and we started a conversation. I think we must have talked at least an hour and a half and we will get together and go on the free shuttle bus down to the waterfront one evening when it is cooler. She has a medical condition so will not be able to walk very much so I will bring my walker for her to use so she can sit down.

We talked about God, hospital stays and the emergency rooms and covered many interesting subjects in our time together.

I gave her my business card and she will call me.

What a delightful young lady - we had some really intelligent conversation and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her.

After she left, I wandered around Home Outfitters and found it very interesting.

How very odd, that we should meet like that. She was born in Kuwaitt of Iranian parents which makes her Iranian, not Kuwaiti. In some of the Gulf States, unless you are of Kuwaiti parents, you do not get their citizenship. Definitely different than here!

She told me that there is not very much to do there, it is mostly desert and it is beastly hot.
I don't think I could handle such heat myself.

What a wonderful day today has been in spite of my disappointment that Rahel and I did not get out together. Everything happens for a reason, perhaps I was meant to meet this young lady.....

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