Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wedding dinner as guests of Mohammed

Our host - Mohammed and myself on the patio at La Cantina's in Hamilton, Ontario.

Bayfront Park at sunset. So beautiful. Lots of people out walking there. We stayed until almost 11 p.m. and it was a little piece of heaven down there. I could have stayed forever. Being by the water is so peaceful for me.

Mohammed invited us all out again in a few weeks time and he asked me to choose the place again as La Cantina was so lovely. All in all, a wonderful event, thanks to our host, a lovely restaurant, happy newlyweds and good food!

This is a nice picture of the three of them.

I like this shot as it is completely natural!

Cherry cheesecake - with four forks. The men did not have any but Rahel and I did. It was yummy.......

Rahel's choice

Andrew's choice - note the delicious tray of bread. This is one of the nicest breads I have ever tasted.

Vegetarian Lasagna - this was my choice. Mohammed decided on the same thing.

The weather was perfect for an outdoor dinner and the patio was chosen by many diners including families with little children. Inside was also filled up nicely I noticed as we left. La Cantina obviously is doing a good business. The service was very good and the food extraordinary and with good portions. Above you will see some of the selections that we ordered.

As we were having such a good time, I suggested that we go down to Bayfront Park and spent some time down there. Andrew walked home and brought the car and we went down there.

It was such a beautiful night and we strolled along. I was so pleased to see how well Rahel and Mohammed got along. Both have experienced leaving their home countries and trying to adjust to a new country and new ways.

We gave the gentlemen a rough time of it, Rahel and I, just for the fun of it and they enjoyed that very well. There was much laughter and little stops along the way and one spot with benches was especially fantastic as it was right by the water and the light of the moon shimmering down on the water was great.

Back to more pictures of the patio at La Cantina....

On the patio at La Cantina. Andrew and Rahel

What a delightful evening we four had. I was the last one to arrive at La Cantina as Mohammed had come straight from work, and Andrew and Rahel had walked over to Walnut Street. I was twenty minutes early for the reservation in any event.

We decided to sit outside on the patio as it was a beautiful evening. Here are some shots I took. Andrew took pictures as well. I am hoping that Andrew will send me some of the moonlight pictures at Bayfront Park as his camera took nicer shots to show the full beauty of it.

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