Sunday, July 25, 2010

Birthday dinner at The Black Forest 2010

A section of Bayfront Park where we were walking. It was a lovely day but the sun was quite strong so Carmen used an umbrella over her head to shield herself. Bayfront Park had quite a few people down there but it was still plenty of space to enjoy and to feel like one is in the country, far away from a big city.


Carmen and Wally near a clump of Tiger Lillies.

At the chained rock

We could not have had a more enjoyable dinner together and at the end, I suggested that we go to Bayfront Park to walk. I took lots of pictures there as well. Bayfront Park is so special to me and I am so grateful that we have it here in Hamilton. I love to be near the water and find it so calming and so peaceful.


What a very pleasant surprise, the waitresses brought over my Black Forest cake with a birthday candle in it and sang Happy Birthday to me. I was so touched.

We had lots of good conversation and some good laughs and all of us enjoyed the food there. I think this is the second or third time we have been there. Once was when Carmen's Mom, Carmen came from Mexico and we all ate there before I was scheduled to perform at Freeway Cafe. Carmen and Wally and I went together at least one other time.

There used to be a lovely Hungarian Restaurant and we have been there as well for Carmen's birthday but it is no longer in operation. I loved the gypsy music there and the food was really good as well. Very plentiful and with the music playing, I was in seventh heaven!

The waitress was so wonderful. I asked for cucumbers and tomatoes separately instead of the salad. She made the cucumber salad the way I remember it from my younger days. Sour cream, onions, cucumber and dill. Delicious!

My hosts and dear friends - Carmen and Wally

The Placemat

The menu

Carmen and Wally invited me out for my birthday dinner wherever I wanted to go so I chose the Black Forest Restaurant on King Street East.

It is one of my favourite restaurants here in Hamilton as I enjoy German food.

I love the atmosphere in there and the waitresses are very friendly. My birthday isn't until Wednesday but this was the time that the three of us could get together.

The portions there are very big and I ordered a snitzel for smaller appetites but even that I could not finish.

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