Friday, July 9, 2010

In spite of the rain, we had a nice time

Emerald green firepolish beads with clip on earrings
Indian metal beads and closime beads for pierced ears

My friend had the idea to use my beautiful mother of jewellery box that I brought back from Palestine many years ago. I think it looks very pretty.

What an interesting day it turned out to be after all! It was pouring rain most of the day but in spite of that, my friend Jennifer and I got together and had fun staging some of my jewellery, chatting, checking out things on the internet and then we went out for supper at Toby's.
It was so nice to see Rosanne again. She is a great gal who works there. She hadn't seen me for a while so she was concerned but I assured her that I was fine.

We were going to go to the Art Crawl but both of us were too tired.

All in all, a nice day.